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From reserves evaluation to optimization workflow preparation, Experimental Design will help you shape your design to answer specific questions in the most seamless and efficient way by providing a variety of plots, graphs and dynamic visualizations.

The Experimental Design platform provides practical approaches to figuring out dozens of factors parameters’ influence on objective functions, with analysis tools such as Tornado charts, hurricanes, cross-plots.

Amarile® Experimental Design solution supports most common designs (textbook) such as: Fractional Factorial, Full Factorial (level 2 & 3), Hadamard, Mono-sensitivity, Plackett-Burman, Central Composite, and Monte-Carlo. Advanced designs are also available : Box Behnken, D-optimal, orthogonal and maximin Latin Hypercube. Users can also import their own designs.

Experimental Design includes tools to allow users to quality check and modify proxy functions, before they are used to generate probabilistic distributions. Cases picked on the distributions can be automatically generated for simulation.

With Experimental Design, the uncertainty management solution has never been that easy.

Experimental Design is available for the following simulators: CMG®, Eclipse®, Nexus®, Echelon® and t-Navigator®.