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Integrated Model Viewer

The Integrated Model Viewer module is a multi-disciplinary solution which allows reservoir engineers and production engineers to make the right decision by combining subsurface and facility information from GAP®.


2D Diagram

Check the topology of a GAP model thanks to a highly interactive viewer.

Optimized graphical visualization:

Try different diagram layouts and label positions. Recognize objects, artificial lift types thanks to dedicated icons.

Easy navigation in big models

Find data of interest easily. Create templates. Hide and reveal nodes and their flow lines. Use the interactive panels to select target nodes and relevant information.

Visualize flows

Color the flow lines as a function of their contributions to a node. Play the diagram through time. Customize the tooltips.

Find bottlenecks

View active constraints on the diagram and time-line plots. Use pre-defined diagnostic plots such as Production plots and Pressure vs. Nodes plots.

Advanced interpretation of GAP results

Identify potential flow assurances issues, such as hydrates and wax, thanks to special icons in the 2D Diagram.


The module helps users check and analyze E100 runs that use the Extended Network option.

It is also available for Echelon®, Intersect®, and t-Navigator®.

Users can check on a 2D diagram that the network topology described in a .DATA file is consistent with plans. Node types are identified by their symbols. Interactions between panels make it easy to find nodes and their data. Sections of the network can be hidden for more visibility.

Users can visualize the results of simulations in several ways, and identify bottlenecks. Production plots are available at all nodes. Flowlines can be colored as a function of their contributions to a node, and the diagram can be played through time.