RE-Studio : The Pre and Post-Processor for reservoir simulation

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3D Viewer

RE-Studio 3D Viewer is designed to handle large models with a lot of wells.

Quick, powerful & easy to use, our 3D Viewer will provide a unique user-experience.

Thanks to the 3D Viewer advanced features, you will be able to compute your own functions easily, design faults, create Delta models, Vertical Sum Models, Layer Maps, Histograms, and Cross Plots.

You will be able to synchronize several views for one or several models, in terms of date, angle of view, property or filters.

A multitude of filters are available, from simple box filters to crossplot polygon filters.
Extracting a sector model data deck for filtered cells can be done in one click.
Streamlines visualization will help you identify the main communication paths in your models. Additionally, with the Quantitative streamlines option, waterflood efficiency is quantified.