Uncertainty Management : Experimental Design & Assisted History Matching

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AHM helps reservoir engineers identify possible solutions to their history matching and optimization problems.

Users can define any uncertain parameters with mark ups. Special features are available in AHM to define relative permeability parameters and regional multipliers automatically.

History match error functions can be created automatically, while advanced syntax options allow defining more specific functions.

AHM and RE-X, the RE-Studio Experimental Designs solution, have many similarities, such as the designs of the parameter values panels and the objective function managers. It is possible to open in AHM Optimize a project created in RE-X. This allows a smooth transfer of the design data.

AHM has a choice of three optimization algorithms : CMA-ES, Separable CMA-ES, and Nelder-Mead. Proxy Assistance is available to accelerate convergence. The proxies can be initialised with exploration runs.

AHM comes with a special analysis module. Cross-plots and correlation matrix highlight correlations between parameters and functions. Pareto plots for time series and RFT series show the spread of results vs. historical data. Clustering groups the cases of a project into clusters with similar behaviors. This enables to reduce the size of a ensemble of cases to representative cases.