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Experimental Design

Experimental Design module offers sophisticated capabilities, in a user friendly and intuitive workflow, for reservoir engineers involved in sensitivity analysis tasks with the main commercial simulators.

From reserve evaluation to history match workflow preparation, Experimental Design module will help you shape your design to answer specific questions in the most seamless and efficient way by providing a variety of plots, graphs and dynamic visualizations.

Experimental Design module provides practical approaches to figuring out dozens of factors’ influence on objective functions. Amarile®’s experimental design solution supports most common designs (textbook) such as: Fractional Factorial, Full Factorial (level 2 & 3), Hadamard, Mono-sensitivity, Plackett-Burman, Central Composite, and Latin Hypercube.

Experimental Design module outputs the entire proxy formulation without any limitation. In this case, you can import the model to any other data analytical tools as well. Analysis tools such as Tornado charts, cross-plots or Monte Carlo distribution based on proxy calculations will help you understand the impact of your uncertain parameters and distinguish among the distribution the P10, P50 and P90 cases within your scenario.

With Experimental Design module, the uncertainty management solution has never been that easy and accurate.

Experimental Design module is available for the following simulators: CMG®, Eclipse®, Nexus®, Echelon® and t-Navigator®.